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Independent India has seen a dichotomy of two worlds and economies — The primary sector dependent rural India and the secondary/tertiary enabled self-sustaining urban India.


According to National Remote Payments Survey, about 1.15 crore households (11.5 million) received remittances totalling Rs. 49,501 crore (495 billion) during the financial year 2010–11. Of the total households, 86 per cent were in the rural areas, and accounted for 83 percent of the total remittances.


The reality of our times even today is that rural and to a certain extent, semi-urban India takes a backseat in almost every socio-economic parameter. This gap between urban and rural is widening due to many reasons that range from limited access to financial services to the shortcomings of the implementation and therein adoption of technology.


With comprehensive offerings like mobile banking services, remittances, among others; Davinta is steadily and sustainably striving towards training and implementing technology in order to reduce the divide and empower rural India.

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