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In the wake of demonetisation, India has woken-up and slowly begun embracing digital payments and spending. A testament to this is the quantum leap in the volumes of such payments from a mere $15 million in November 2016 to $359 million in March 2017, highlighting a 24X increase in digital spending.


Between 2017 and 2018, Government of India (GoI) will endeavour to make the internet reach 3,00,000 Panchayats. A digitally enabled rural-India will lay the foundations of deep-seeded financial inclusion as the dependency on cash would reduce and formalised digital payments would become a norm; ensuring credit histories for those in the last-mile.


India is on the brink of a digital revolution where from a time when 1% of the population had mobile phones, in 20 years it has now come to more than 90% in India. And with smartphones becoming increasingly more accessible and affordable, every Indian with one will be a “walking ATM”.


Davinta’s digital spending oriented products and solutions provide a vast variety of basic and feature-rich financial services including ‘anywhere-anytime’ banking services, cash deposit & withdrawal, fund transfers, utility bill payments, top-up recharges, etc.


Creating a digital-ledger for each transaction, we enable and are making sustainable and scalable financial inclusion a reality not only for the last-mile user, but also for banks and other partner and affiliate financial service providers like NBFCs, MFIs; to name a few.


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